Best Gifts for Father’s Day 2021 in Calgary!

Happy Father’s Day!

He taught you how to ride a bike and drive a car. Then he helped you with your taxes and savings plan. Whoever your father figure is, they hold a special place in your heart. He may not need his semi-annual replenishment of socks and underwear but don’t worry! We have some other ideas for you! Whether you are helping your child buy a gift to give or you’re searching for what to give your own father, come visit Aspen Landing Shopping Centre!

Sunday June 20th is Father’s Day and you should be treating your “Ol’ Man” this weekend with gifts from Aspen Landing Shopping Centre!

Aspen Wine & Spirits
‘I used to be able to play piano by ear, but now I have to use my hands.’
Have a father who is as refined and smooth as aged scotch? He might think he’s classy and fancy, but you
know his silly side. Buy a bottle and have a toast to him. Being a parent to you wasn’t an easy task. Give him a much appreciated thank you gift.

Check out their flyer at for deals, from June 3rd to 16th featured products are 23-33% off!

MELT”wich” Food Co.
‘What was Sherlock Holmes’ favourite source of protein? Mystery Meat!’
You’ve heard “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, they’re not wrong! Sunday Special is Grilled Prosciutto Melt & a bottle of Corona! Have a filling and refreshing lunch at MELT“wich” Food Co. with your Pops. They also have a Plant-Based Poutine option to make sure everyone has a meal they love. It all sounds so dad-licious!

Shoppers Drug Mart
‘I used to hate facial hair, but then it grew on me.’
Need a card? Yes. Need all the grooming essentials? Yes. They have it! Pick from the many different types of heartfelt or funny cards. Choose one of the featured Bio-therm shaving creams and serums to help your dad with his skin care routine. They also carry Clarein’s new Energizing Gels for Face and Eyes. Help your dad strengthen his skin. If you are planning a fun day outdoors with your dad, pick up some sunscreen. They have lots of SPF choices and ones for
sensitive skin, as much as he’ll hate to admit it.

Denim and Smith Barber Shop
‘I didn’t get a haircut, I got them all cut.’
Hey dad, want to feel pampered this weekend? Make your way to The Denim and Smith Barber Shop and ask for the “Royal Hot Shave”. Leave the work to the experts while you sit back and relax. You’ve worked hard and deserve the special treatment. Pick up one of their high quality hair and beard products from top brands. This is the best place for quality and convenient hair cuts and shaves. Every location is also locally owned and operated!

‘I was going to tell a time-travel joke, but you guys didn’t like it.’
Some dads want some alone time on the golf course and some want quality time with the kids. It is whatever Father’s Day means to you. Color-Me-Mine can’t help with alone time but they can help you with quality time with the kids. Paint animals, motorcycles or mugs. Make it your way; blue dogs, flaming motorcycles or Star Wars mugs. No one has to be an artist to be a fantastic painter at Color-Me-Mine, it’s about the memories you make. Time goes by fast so spend it with your little ones while trying something new.

Original Joe’s
‘Two guys walk into a bar. The third guy ducked.’
Ready to take your father out for lunch? Well you can take him to Original Joe’s. Have a seat, soak in the atmosphere and listen to the music. They are ready to take your order, serve you refreshing beverages and delicious dishes. Enjoy every bite with the Create-Your-Own Burger, customized to just the way you like it. Get great deals during Happy Hour, from 2pm-5pm.

Show your love and appreciation to your father with gifts from Aspen Landing. You love all that he is and all he has done for you. It is important to cherish the quality time, catch up and bond now that restrictions have eased. Create new memories to treasure forever.

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