It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To get all of your shopping done frantically, of course. Good thing you’re always close to the Aspen Landing Shopping Centre where all of our stores are perfect to finish up those last-minute gifts for those people you “totally didn’t forget about but just got around to, you swear”.

Alberta Diamond Exchange – Now we’re assuming if you’re shopping here, you know exactly who and what you’re looking for around this time of year. And if you don’t, that’s fine too because Alberta Diamond Exchange has a fantastic staff always available to help you pick out that perfect something for that incredibly perfect person. A ring for that person to spend the rest of your Christmas’ with? That new necklace that Grandma has been trying on? Those earrings your Aunt loves? They’ve got all of the above and more and can help you pick out the exact ones that are guaranteed to not disappoint.

Aspen Wine and Spirits – It’s that time of year where you’re allowed to have Bailey’s in the morning and those extra three glasses of eggnog in the evening. And then when you’re fresh out, the best place to go is Aspen Wine and Spirits, of course! Indulge in the aisles of different seasonal liqueurs or have one of the many knowledgeable staff help you pick out the perfect bottle of wine to have with your festive dinner!

Color Me Mine –  Is your tree looking a little bare? Need some centre pieces with some character? Take the family to Color Me Mine and make as many decorations as your heart desires with your character! At Canada’s best pottery studio, you’ll be able to make something beautiful and memorable whether you’re an amateur or a pro.

Cruise Ship Centres – Wondering why you’re still in this arctic landscape? Us too! That’s why when we want to plan our winter getaway, we go to Cruise Ship Centres. They’re a fantastic organization filled with experienced Cruise Coordinators who will pick the perfect destination for you to remember what it feels like to wear a t-shirt outside.

Divine Creations – You don’t need an extravagant light show with a fire breathing Santa to have the coolest Christmas house on the block. You can start with a wreath! Flowers by Divine Creations has an incredible amount of pre-made arrangements to hang on your door or decorate your tree. They will also help you pair together any sort of display you have cooked up.

Kala & Lime – The place with nothing you need but everything you want! That’s their slogan and it couldn’t be more perfect around Christmas time. We say that because we know you’ll walk in and find something perfect for that person on your ‘Nice’ list with exactly what you know they would want.

Pet Planet – We can help you remember the gift you forgot; your furry little friend! Although who could forget a face as cute as that? And a face as cute as that deserves only the best toys and treats! Or, if you’d like to get them a fresh cut with a bow on top, Pet Planet in Aspen Landing Shopping Centre will hook you up!