Easter 2019

Well, It’s Easter again in Calgary. That went by quickly, if you ask us. Which is fine because we love the festivity it brings to Aspen Landing Shopping Centre! Below are a few of our stores that we think will help on your hunt for the Easter spirit!

Featured: Allora Everyday Italian

We are incredibly happy to announce our newest restaurant here in Aspen Landing Shopping Centre; Allora Everyday Italian! At Allora, you’ll find everything they serve is either local, homemade, or directly imported from Italy. Their freshly made in house pasta, shaved meats, and delicious sauces are sure to give you the Featured Easter Feaster you’re looking for this April.

Colour Me Mine

There’s no better place to prepare for your Easter long weekend than Colour Me Mine. Where you can create Easter eggs of any size, any shape, or any design that you desire! If you’re looking to switch things up, their pottery and painting experts can walk you through designing and making anything your heart desires! And when it’s done and dried you can give it your own personal touch. Fantastic for dates and family days!


If you’re looking for the perfect specs to woo your Jessica Rabbit, or get some contacts to be able to know what she looks like, FYidoctors is where you’re going to find them. Or, if you’re as saddened as us to find out carrots don’t actually improve eyesight, you’ll be incredibly happy to find out that the tenured optometrists at FYidoctors actually do! Using state of the art digital imaging and diagnostic technology, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights of the shopping centre in 20/20!

Jugo Juice

Now although carrots don’t improve eyesight, they’re still great for your health! Along with everything else on the menu at Jugo Juice. Drop in and get an energizing fruity blast to fuel up for your egg hunt or get a protein-filled shake to get those Easter weekend gains!

Kherani Dental

Have you ever been jealous of those two big pearly whites on the Easter bunny? Well, us neither but at Kherani Dental you’ll be able to get the pearly whites part, for sure! With their incredible teeth whitening program, you’ll notice unbelievable results after just one session! You can find more about their teeth whitening on their website or social media accounts.

Pet Planet

Happy International Bunny Owners Week! Okay, we just made that up. But every week is bunny owners week at Pet Planet! Every week is also pet owners week, in general there too! So whether you’re a bunny owner, want to become a bunny owner, or just want to get some sweets for your little kitty, doggy, any pet you might have, you’ll be able to find it and spoil your furry or scaly best friend!