Gifts for Father’s Day in Calgary 2022

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for the person who’s always ‘on-call’ when you need a tire changed? We’re here to guide you in the right direction when it comes to showing your gratitude to Dad! Look no further than Aspen Landing Shopping Centre in Calgary to get the perfect gift for the person who reluctantly changed your diapers.

Alberta Diamond Exchange
For the person who always responds “time to get a watch” when you ask what time it is, maybe he’s been hinting all along. Check out the wonderful selection at Alberta Diamond Exchange and chat with their jewellery experts to find something that ticks in your price range!

Aspen Wine and Spirits
He may not feel like it, but I think that’s why they like to drink stuff aged in the 20s. If Dad isn’t a hard liquor kind of guy, they have beer and wine from all over the world and from local Calgary breweries. It’s a one-stop shop for whatever your father indulges in. If you’re not really sure where to begin, ask any of the many knowledgeable connoisseurs and they will help you find something that whets his whistle!

Bolder Menswear
Have you been telling Dad that it’s time to drop the sandals and socks? Making too big of a splash with the Cargo shorts and Crocs? Now’s the time to get a fit that won’t embarrass you when out for dinner! Start with a gift card or a nice Golf tee and jeans and he will be happy to flaunt his new Bolder Menswear at the next cookout or tournament. No matter what kind of style Dad wears, you’ll find something snazzy at Bolder. Join them for a special event of late night shopping while sipping on scotch or wine starting at 6PM, June 11th!

If the last sports game didn’t go too well or you’re just helping him get prepared with an Otterbox, Mobijacks is there to help. They offer repair on almost any electronics, including liquid damage, so he can get right back into the fantasy action for the season. If you’re looking to accessorize, they have that too! You can also put a gift card toward getting him to upgrade that dinosaur flip phone of his (or at least a belt loop case to hold it). Whatever care is needed for his device, you can find it at MobiJacks in Aspen Landing.

KRANK Fitness
We know ‘dad-bods’ are in but even those take maintenance! Maybe he just wants to fit in his favourite dress pants for your wedding or graduation. Whatever it may be, the fitness experts at KRANK Fitness will help meet his goals. With 3D body scan analysis, group workouts, and individual training, you can rest assured he’s in good hands at a time that works for him. Drop in to KRANK Fitness at Aspen Landing today to get him started!

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