Happy Halloween from Aspen Landing Shopping Centre!

Ghostly Greetings from Aspen Landing! What a special Halloween we have this year. It’s our second full moon this month which means it’s a “Blue Moon,” and don’t forget Daylight savings occurs the next day (November 1st).

After Halloween on Saturday night, you can have a nice, relaxing Sunday sleeping in an hour!

Shoppers Drug Mart

TRICK OR TREAT!!! Treat please! Start Halloween off with picking up some
sweets and treats from Shoppers Drug Mart. Whether you have a candy catapult, candy slide, or handing it out using tongs, Shoppers Drug Mart has many candy options.

They also have non- edible goodies to give! The fun doesn’t have to stop,
you can even pick up a new pumpkin carving tool set right here while collecting those amazing PC Optimum points.


Need a fun activity for the whole family? Halloween and Autumn combine at Colour-Me-Mine with their chic decor. Spice up your table with paint-able pumpkins! You can make them frightening, adorable, sugar skull glam, or- a classic favourite- Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. Customize a pumpkin to suit your mood or your home!

Little Footprints

BOO! You want to be the one to do the scaring. Make sure the little ones are safe this year while Trick or Treating (physical distancing and all) with some comfy shoes or boots that won’t let them slip on any possible ice we may experience. More safety doesn’t mean less fun! Happy Haunting Little Monsters.

Freshii & Jugo Juice

Night in with Netflix and Treat? Yes please!

Maybe you are staying in this year with a spooky movie and you want some high nutrition eats. Jugo Juice and Freshii have so much fruit and vegetable items to assist your immune system this flu season. Try Jugo Juices new Power Peach, packed with protein! You can order this refreshing smoothie as part of their new Family Pack.

Freshii has a ‘juice, cleanse and energize’ with their 1, 3, and 5 day cleanses. Hungry and vegan or gluten free? Customize your bowl to what you need!

Kala & Lime

Just giving your adult friends candy this year? Share with them the classy treat of Sugarfina Candy Cubes. Champagne bears, Peach Bellini, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Heavenly Sours and more! Could anything sound more deathly delicious?

Have a BOOtiful Halloween!