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Why Us?

we believe that the public deserves it.
we believe that we are able to give you more than just a hairstyle.
we know that fashion is what you wear and style is how you wear it.
we know that creating style is tough without choices.
we choose to be creative.
we realize that creating an impact is worth something.
we choose to be inspired or maybe it’s an invitation for you to inspire.
our commitment to take a risk.
or maybe, just maybe, it’s because we started all of this…
for you!

At Curious we value choices, from services through to our product selection. Whether your making choices for family, or looking for that luxury product for yourself. We pride ourselves on knowing value without compromising quality.

Our selection of family hair care may differ from store to store. Please contact any of our locations for complete information regarding our product selection.


MON to FRI 9am – 9pm
SAT 9am – 5pm
SUN closed


#120, 350 Aspen Glen Landing SW,
Calgary AB
T3H 0N5

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