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As a leading private equity advocate for shareholders, Orchestrate has unlocked over $40 million of private equity value.

All too often, investor funds are lost in the foreclosure or bankruptcy process. Investors are typically viewed by the courts as equity owners and as such are last in line for any proceeds of a dissolved corporation. Typically, almost all creditors are paid before investors are considered. Any recovered funds from the sale of assets go to pay Revenue Canada, banks, tradespeople, secured and unsecured creditors, lawyers, and others. As a leading private equity shareholder activist, Orchestrate has unlocked over $40 million of private equity value.

Our approach, as advocates for investors, is to establish a credible business plan that acknowledges the existing priority of claims and allocates value creation to all stakeholders. We accomplished this through communication, collaboration and establishing trust with investors. We have a proven track record of maximizing the recovery of business and land investor funds and creating conditions for profitable returns.

Using a proprietary process, we strive to be the best in the industry at orchestrating the recovery of distressed private equity and sharing fairly in the risks and rewards.

Since rescuing a financially troubled residential land development in 2009, Orchestrate Inc. has successfully managed the recovery of assets in five land developments across Alberta. In difficult circumstances, Orchestrate has earned the trust and respect of hundreds of investors by communicating and collaborating to build consensus, overcome complex legal and financial issues and drive successful outcomes that create value for stakeholders. Orchestrate Inc. reports transparently and manages funds responsibly – always accepting the highest level of accountability and acting with unparalleled integrity.

We work with the best in the industry to build beautiful sustainable communities that are profitable. We are recommended by our investors for meeting or exceeding their initial return expectations. Our goal is to bring our expertise to cities around the world and become internationally recognized as skilled investor advocates who excel at recovering and optimizing the return of distressed land and business investment equity.


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