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myORTHODONTIST is a group of Orthodontists with a shared belief in the philosophy of focusing treatment practices on the concept of full facial enhancement and early preventive treatment, rather than simply straightening the teeth. By gearing our treatment approach towards the functioning of the chewing system, a healthy temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and a healthy airway, we strive to improve patients overall health, not just that of their teeth.

The motto for our practice is simple… “myLOOK | mySMILE | myLIFE”! We want everything in our office to be as simple as our motto. We maintain a patient-friendly approach and believe that simplicity combined with innovation will lead to the fastest and most efficient way to give our patients the smile that they deserve.

As a team, our group of Orthodontists believe in focusing on the patient’s overall facial balance regardless of age, and will not compromise the facial development of a patient simply to achieve the result of straight teeth. Sometimes, traditional orthodontics may overlook this and may not respect the profile and balance of the face. This can result in compromised airways, which have been associated with headaches, TMJ problems and sleep apnea. By adopting an overall health-based approach, we can provide effective assessment of a patient’s airway, posture, sleep, nutrition and myofunctional patterns.


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