Valentine’s Day 2021 – What to get your partner in Calgary

The love is in the air this Sunday! Hopefully that air will be warmer by then. While this day is usually represented by couples going out and having candle lit dinners, don’t let that ‘going out’ part stop you from feeling the love this year!

Here at Aspen Landing we have many shops and centres dedicated to your happiness. Shop around and find clothes, food, home décor and functional extras to treat yourself or someone special! Valentine’s isn’t always for everyone so take a step towards self care and buy yourself a little treat for some self love and appreciation.

Maybe you have the classic Valentine’s Day in mind with chocolate, flowers and a romantic dinner. Not into the cheesy and sappy? We hear that. You are looking for something unique and meaningful and Aspen Landing Shopping Centre has it all.

Alberta Diamond Exchange

Looking for the finer things in life? Here is where they shine! The lovely quality and stunning beauty is a wonderful gift for those you hold dear. You have amazing choices at great prices. Sparkling earrings, Swiss watches, rings and bracelets will make their heart flutter with joy.

Era Style Loft

Feel yourself with the help of a jaw dropping outfit from Era Style Loft. They have every piece to keep you in style morning to night. If you want a unique statement piece gift for yourself or someone else, you will find it here! If you are also interested in home and body fragrances, they have home diffusers, body lotions and wash, and elegant perfumes.

Crave Cupcakes

Pre-order your Valentine’s Day treat from Crave Cupcakes. Their Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Mini Cupcake Dozen is great to try many flavours like Crave O-Licious Cupcake. What a sweet surprise that’ll be for your sweetheart!

Flowers by Divine Creations

Some people might just need their heart warmed up a bit during this freezing winter. Send a gorgeous bouquet from Divine Creations to brighten their spirits. If you are looking for a romantic gift, their double stem orchids will. You can pre-order now and pick up as early as February 10th! To top off the romance, add an order of their heart shaped Cocoa Bombs.

Marble Slab

Mmmmm want a delicious date? Have scoops and scoops of dessert or a custom cake. It is a deliciously perfect ending to a hot date night.

Occasions Cards and Gifts

Have someone on your mind that you want to show you care? Whether it is for a friend, lifetime love or a romantic interest, Occasions will help you open up about how you appreciate them being in your life. They are waving farewell and everything is over 50% off!

COBS Bread

What is better than waking up to breakfast in bed? Waking up on Sunday morning to a COBS breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day! Grab some scrumptious scones and delicate danishes for a luxury Valentine’s Day breakfast. They pair well with everything; coffee, orange juice and hot cocoa so you can serve this specialty breakfast to anyone in your home!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Aspen Landing is open,
Hoping your heart is too!

We want you to feel loved, Happy Valentine’s Day

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